it’s summer!

heather and i in santa fe, summer 2010.
a lot happier than we look.

it’s the summer.
at least, it’s mostly summer.
i did happen to wake up this morning to dreary skies (but i’m praying this means rain!).
the weather may not be the warmest yet,
but inside i feel all cozy anticipation about the endless possibilities of  this season.
still being in school,
i measure my life not by coffee spoons (via t.s. elliot’s the love song of j.alfred prufrock),
but by fall semester, winter break, spring semester, and summer break.
(what a blessing, getting four fresh starts a year!)
and, as i stated above,
it’s summer (break).

i’m ripe for change, you see.
this spring semester i didn’t do as well as i have been in school.
c’est la vie.
i’ve learned not to stretch myself too thin.
i’ve got to get back on the healthy train,
and i’m sure many of you will know how hard that is.
i need to find a new place to live.
i’m planning on a small-community community-garden.
i want to complete two paintings (in the least).
i need to archive my art in an online portfolio.
i’m going to take a photography class,
and possibly a gen. ed. or two, but then i get into the dangerous realm of stretching myself too thin.
so i’ll probably just take the photography class, and one other.
i have a friend who is going to help me and majia spruce up this site,
get it to exactly where we see it being.
i have a trip i would like to take,
and a vistor taking a trip to see me.
i’m learning how to drive (at 21, i’m a late bloomer).

i guess i’m just ready to bloom.
enough with the budding, already!
it’s summer; i’ve got a lot in store for us.

next post, i’ll fill you in on how i plan on keeping you filled in this summer!
(don’t you love saying ‘summer’?)

love and other indoor sports,

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