Eating Adventures in Asia

My journey through Asia has almost come to an end. The gift of travel is a generous one; the gift of food is downright delectable; the gift of learning about, and living in Okinawa has left me tearfully humble and grateful for the experience.

We have had a tremendous time, and with every culinary discovery there has been a story, group of people, or some other memory-making adventure wrapping around our hearts. Dim sum in China, bulgogi in Korea, noodle stretching in Taiwan, every food in Singapore, Thai tea and coffee in Bangkok… Okinawa, I thank you for sharing your humble people, your amazing food, pristine, postcard-worthy waters, and proximity to other lands, cultures and people.

What should I do, eat, see during my last 6 months on this lovely little island, the largest of the Ryukyu Island chain.

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