The Perils of Pedaling

I love riding my bike ~ being on my bike makes it seem as though I am gliding along the bike path in Pacific Grove and Monterey ~ it’s gentle curves embrace the ocean…ok, not really, I am in Texas. ” ‘nough sed”  I may not be going to the boardwalk to get chowder in bread bowls, or to the Tuesday Farmer’s Market in Monterey, but I love being on my bike!  Except for today ~ I had several errands to run on Randolph AFB today, and seeing how it started out a cool 72 degrees, I thought, “why not?” ~ and hopped on my gigi by electra~

the perils of pedaling

a poem

gnat in my eye (its ok, I have another)

grasshopper to the forehead (isn’t it too late in the season?)

cricket hopping beside me on mile 7 (was I really going that slow?)


criminal behavior on poor Gigi (getting pulled over twice in one week? On a bike? Oh BROTHER!)


ok, so its time to go home ~ I don’t need another reason!

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