Bad Man

I am a bad, bad man… Well, woman ——- and not really (but I am going for dramatic effect)!
My intentions after dusting and laundry were to sit down to a plate of steaming fresh ricotta crepes ( see previous post) for a nice little treat, as the yogurt consumed at 0500 had already left the building, so to speak.
I even went so far as to put the pan on the stove, I even almost turned the heat on, when I did a little shuffle-turn in my kitchen, opened the blasted cabinet door when it happened… I found the Rubbermaid cereal container with the dang “lucky charms”!
And I put the pan away and the crepe batter away and poured a bowl AND I ate it… all! Well, just the stuff in the bowl, not the whole container.
Curiously enough I’m not feeling guilty – just nicely sated!
Ok, I did it so Toren can have the crepes for breakfast! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


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  1. Lori Reel says:

    LOL I believe you completely! They ARE magically delicious! Xoxo


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