Cooking out of the box…

My life, as a military spouse, has me jumping through hoops at times – I’m not alone in this (mostly) sisterhood, and I know I haven’t perfected living out of a box/suitcase; but the cooking thing? It’s out of the park, or in my case out of the box –

For the movers I made:

Gourmet sandwiches with ham, turkey, pepper-jack cheese, red leaf lettuce, sweet vidalia onion, dressed with cream cheese and some sweet pepper jam, on homemade sandwich rolls

Banana-chia-chocolate chip muffins

And this morning, to use up my last stick of butter, they are getting my sweet, old fashioned buttermilk biscuits, slathered with the last spoonfuls of triple berry vanilla preserves.

For lunch? They requested a repeat of yesterday’s fare!





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