By Design

Home-baked bread doesn’t need anything special to be special. However, decoratively scoring into unbaked loaves, that have been gently blanketed with a dusting of flour- creates a stunning food-gift…much like spending a little more time on wrapping a present for a loved one- may you feel love with each bite you take ❣️

Two Eggs, please

Two eggs, sautéed onion, bacon, and thyme – topped with a sheer blanket of gruyère cheese, all tucked in a little ramekin, pop it in the oven and suddenly, this simple, diner staple becomes something special… line the ramekins with ham, throw in some fresh chopped baby spinach, top with halved cherry tomatoes and you’ve…

home, homes, love, and poptarts (the homemade addition).

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home is an interesting concept for me. a few times a year, i travel across the great atlantic and arrive in your arms. during one (or both, if  it happens to happen) of those auspicious visits, we usually deliver ourselves into the bosom of italy. when ma-mah comes to pick me…

Country living

Originally posted on delectablediction:
Lazy days, filled with busy work- doing some old-fashioned, homey food stuff!  Bread baking with the slight vinegary scent of pickling… ahhh, simple life🌻