Scenes From a Sicilian Village

Scenes from a Sicilian village • when my husband and his family left their beloved Sicilian home, it was in hopes of finding that sweet American dream ~ more than forty years later, we are looking at a quiet sweet dream of our own, returning part-time to Galati Mamertino, to live out our “Godfather”-like days, with the men walking with their hands clasped behind their backs, old women sitting shrouded in black, still mourning a lost love, children running through the narrow streets and a cold granita on a sultry summer evening. The last pictures are of the house Tony and Ang were born in, and that we’ll return to [part-time] after retirement. It’ll be a great adventure to renovate this house that their great-grandfather built ❣️one that Tony and Angie can share with our children, family and friends to enjoy for years to come • a perfect, loving tribute to family❣️#milspouseadventures #delectablediction #sicily🇮🇹 #livingthedream #oldhouse #piazza #granita @ Galati Mamertino

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  1. Gisele says:

    How wonderful Val! So very excited for you all! Our precious memories of our stay in Sicily are treasures to enjoy forever thanks to you and Tony xxxxxx


    1. Gigi- thank you! We are so glad to have shared that time with your family ❣️ please visit us again!


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