Pizza and more ~

Entering the mayhem ~

Tony and I were asked to host a retirement party this past Friday for a very special family ~ the McDonnell family has been involved in so many things on and around the base.

We are very honored to know them ~ blessed to call them friends ~

We had lots of yummy appetizers, an especially delicious antipasto salad made lovingly by our good friend Susan Santos, made pizza for 50, had spicy tomato soup with basil and butter beans, tiramisu, chocolate dream cupcakes and school-house ranger cookies ~ It was quite the joint effort with me rolling out the pizza dough, Susan and her daughter doing the toppings, and Noel shuttling the pizza out to Tony, where he expertly cooked them in our wood-fired pizza oven ~

I think everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the English rain ~

God Speed ~ V

ps ~ pictures soon to come ~


ok ~ as promised, here are some pictures of a fabulous night honoring an even more fabulous family ~ 


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  1. i love this so much.
    written just how i remember it.


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