life as we know it

today, I am writing a different sort of post ~ one that I will dedicate to my husband and all the other HARD working military members ~ you know who you are ~ you got up and out the door by 5am ~ after getting home at 9pm the night before, with no lunch break, no gym time ~ bending backwards, jumping through hoops ~ its all in a day’s work… the difficult part of this is when the military doesn’t realize its assets.  Wednesday through Sunday, he clocked 94 hours! Of work. With cuts being made to the military budget and personnel, my amazing husband is rewarded by a young airman’s smile and good attitude as he drives through the gate, a duck waddling across his parking space, and a brilliant, almost blinding orb welcoming him to work, with Bruce Springsteen crooning, “Baby, we were born to run”. And I am rewarded by his call saying that the airman at the gate just made his day (and Bruce was still in the background).  I love you, T

happy days to all the military families out there ~ v

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