As I sit and ponder…

As a military spouse, I have held many jobs over the years, and not a single one of them “paying”… well, not in currency anyway.  I feel so rich in my experiences ~  the places I’ve seen, the miracles I’ve witnessed, the few hearts I might have touched and the many who’ve touched mine… I have multiple degrees, all in psychology and counseling (and boy, has that come in pretty handy at times!), several certifications that prove I can cook a decent meal and keep you fit, fix you if you choke on something and type a dissertation if needed.  I have volunteered at schools across the US and even in Italy ~ I can pitch mail with the best of them, teach you how to play bunco and make truffles. I can host a pizza party for 10-turned 65 people and talk to a USAF 3-star General without stammering.  I have moved my kids in the middle of a school year all while assuring my 12th grade daughter that it will all be ok.  I have moved my kids to different countries, promising the same.  I have found “family” all over the world. I have loved and cherished friendships only to see them pass like a cloud on a sweet summer day.  I have seen friends mourn a loss so great that I feel it deep in my bones as though it was my own.  I have said good-bye to my husband more times than I can remember.  My parents will never understand why I don’t freak out when we have to move… again.

I am lucky to be in the ranks of the other thousands of PROUD MILITARY SPOUSES.

This, in honor of my husband and the many other husbands and wives… as they get ready to deploy. “live every day like he deploys tomorrow” v

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  1. Christine Dabramo says:

    Your life has been, and still, is so rich. So many of us will never come close to this. I think you should write a book !!!! I am serious. I would stand in line to buy it.



    1. Ahhh, thanks Mrs. D ~ the richness is only enhanced by great people like you! Thank you for your kind words…


  2. Lori Reel says:

    Wow…I just love you to bits…its so easy to say this to you!! Val- I can relate to so much of this…certainly not all…but some. I sometimes feel like we drag our children here and there…and maybe we miss out on things “back home” still…I love this crazy life!!! I am proud of my military family and I feel blessed to call friends, family!!


  3. Reblogged this on delectablediction and commented:

    A tribute to a sister lost (Dan Pavlosky’s Mom, Darlene), a husband missed (Tony Lombardo, USAF) and friends cherished.


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