A tribute to a sister lost (Dan Pavlosky’s Mom, Darlene), a husband missed (Tony Lombardo, USAF) and friends cherished.


As a military spouse, I have held many jobs over the years, and not a single one of them “paying”… well, not in currency anyway.  I feel so rich in my experiences ~  the places I’ve seen, the miracles I’ve witnessed, the few hearts I might have touched and the many who’ve touched mine… I have multiple degrees, all in psychology and counseling (and boy, has that come in pretty handy at times!), several certifications that prove I can cook a decent meal and keep you fit, fix you if you choke on something and type a dissertation if needed.  I have volunteered at schools across the US and even in Italy ~ I can pitch mail with the best of them, teach you how to play bunco and make truffles. I can host a pizza party for 10-turned 65 people and talk to a USAF 3-star General without stammering…

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