words to live by ~

if someone could describe you in a word, what would it be?  what if someone remembered you by something you said? what comes out of your mouth can travel a long way, and fortunately (or unfortunately, in some cases) can cause profound changes in how you are viewed. “where is she going?”, you might ask ~ well, as i was reading Facebook this morning, and word in someone’s post jumped up and slapped me in the face! seriously ~ i detest bad words ~ they make my heart hurt and my ears clench. when i hear (read) them from someone i know, it makes me sad. i know, i know ~ freedom of speech and all of that.  the hypocrisy is loud and clear in this case (post) and its on Facebook, people! forever!  the fact that this ugliness (my opinion) came from a girl, a mom ~ well, like i said before, it hurts my heart. enough said on that. have a blessed day ~ v

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