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Late last year, Tony mentioned that he wouldn’t mind getting the P90X!  Dear friends from RAF Lakenheath, Sean and Audrey Murphy let us borrow their copy while we were stationed there… ok, now in all honesty, we watched one video.  Yes, watched one video!  We sat in the living room one night when Tony got home from work, put a disk in, and got comfortable; Tony in his chair and a half, me on the sofa with a coozy blanket.  We got about 20 minutes into the disk and one of us remarked, “Yes, I can see how this would help you get in shape!” Then we took the disk out and watched a movie!

Ok, now back to Tony’s request for the P90X ~ I was online doing some Christmas shopping last October-November when I saw a “flash” deal on the P90X2! Less than what we’d pay for the P90X ~ yes, I know ~ we didn’t even make it through the VIEWING of one disk of the P90X and I’m looking at the P90X2?  Call me crazy!  Long story short: We started it 7 January 2012 ~ it is 13 February 2012 AND WE ARE STILL DOING IT!!!  Tony has lost multiple inches and about 11 pounds, and I have toned where I wanted and even lost a few scones and fresh butter, I mean pounds!  The first few weeks were hellish to say the least.  We have a perfectly good pizza oven sitting in our courtyard ~ untouched ~ NOT because of weather, but because in addition to the workouts, we are also SERIOUSLY following the food plan.  We are treating ourselves to homemade pizza in March!  

90 days doesn’t seem so bad now ~ I am grilling up tacos in every form imaginable; sautéing spinach with onion, garlic and tomato (yum); buckwheat and corn meal power cakes sweetened with fresh blue berries and banana ~ and agave nectar has become a close friend… I have given up sugar and caffeine; Tony has mostly given up beer and wine!  

So here is to the remaining 50 some days ~ I will let you know how it goes, what the final results are, and maybe even share a picture of our new selves!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Hey Val! Hola from southern NM! I’m your newest follower 🙂


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