Too busy to smell the donuts …

No, I got that wrong – is it too busy to drink the coffee? …smell the roses? Something along those lines, anyway.

We haven’t stopped eating.

I haven’t stopped cooking.

But, something I am so very passionate about has somehow slipped through my itty, bitty fingers!

This blog, my philosophy of sharing my love and appreciation for others by filling their bellies must go on! There was a time, no matter how tired I was, I still made time to chronicle this passion of mine.

If you see me, shout some encouragement at me!

Proof I am still cooking away can be found in the bellies of my co-workers (or you could just ask them!) or in the pictures below… Oh, if only Bill Gates, Ellen, Oprah or Ree would “discover” me!
Guess I’ll just have to make time to stop and smell the donuts… no, that’s time to make the donuts, stop and smell the flowers!
Blessings, good friends and full bellies – val











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