Pizza in Japan!

It’s been awhile since I have posted. I am motivated now, and have some exciting things for you! 

We’ll be firing up the pizza oven today – can you believe we can’t find firewood in Okinawa? Not that anyone wants to build a fire when it’s 117 with the heat index – but, come on! The pizza oven beckons 🙃 so pallet wood it must be. 

Today I will be serving tomato soup with potato and white beans, seasoned with sweet chili sauce and basil, served with crusty bread; salad and of course, pizza! 


Plus, there is fresh ricotta that will be served with local honey and kosher salt on the other loaf of crusty bread!

And, if anyone is still hungry, I’ve just made a batch of “truffle” brownies, soon to go in the oven.

Recipes will be posted in tomorrow’s post, so please come back to see me then. Love, friendship and good food! V

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