prelude to a taco truck

Happy December! I hope this post finds you healthy and safe in these troublesome times.

I’ve been away for some time now, not because I lost my love or passion for all things kitchen, but because of two things: 1. T really did it… he retired from the Air Force after 30+ years! I know it was a decision that he felt came at the right time, but y’all, I have had a hard time! Maybe it’s because we went cold turkey, moving far away from anything even remotely resembling the military (did you know that civilians don’t recognize quiet hours or play the National Anthem before the movie starts?!?) Or, maybe it’s like Love in the Time of Cholera, or Moving in the Time of Corona, as I’ve started calling it. No church groups, no socializing outside the helpful folks at Home Depot, even the parks and playgrounds had yellow caution tape draped across all surfaces like some heinous crime scene.

2. I’ve had the dangdest time finding sasquatch, or the perfect trailer or truck to turn into my trailer or truck! I mean, $40,000 for a greasy, poorly-kept trailer? So, my dreams of feeding the masses my delectable New Mexican cuisine are being put on the back burner for the time being. But, out of one setback arose a different opportunity! Baking from home! Ohio offers a great service to home bakers through the Department of Agriculture. I’m hoping to have (and pass) the inspection before the end of January, and be up and running!

So, there it is – I’ve bared my soul to you. I miss the jet noise, proud Airmen, strong mil-spouses, stopping traffic to honor the flag and the fallen kind of life. But, to honor that “strong mil-spouse” title I was honored to share, I will persevere!

Thanks for hanging in with me, for not giving up on me. I wish you peace, love and good health!💛

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