We bought some cheese…

Brothers Andrea e Luciano

Well folks, the time has finally arrived! Tony and I have begun the sometimes arduous, but always incredible adventure that we’ve talked and dreamed of for more than 30 years: the Sicily house renovations have begun!

I will chronicle our journey as we go, but will start off with a few pictures. First off, Sicily is not Tuscany. It’s got it’s own magical charm. Once you gain the trust, (maybe it’s just tolerance?) of the locals, get over the iper-speed driving along the twisty-turny roads, the noticeable stares of ALL the old men that seem to be perpetually ingrained in the small piazza… all day, and night time, too, the people, the food and this land will sneak into your heart before you realize.

A typical walkway (driveway?)
Calogero, local guide and forager
Olive Tree

Tonight, Cousin Stefano and new friend, Calogero took us to a small shop run by two brothers, Andrea and Luciano Di Nardo of Macelleria Sfizi Di Carne, tucked away in the hillside of the small Sicilian village of Galati Mamertino… what a treasure this place is! During introductions, Stefano explained that we were interested in trying some of their cheese, and the brothers quietly selected their favorites, and proceeded to share in generous quantities with us: pecorino with peppercorns, pecorico with pistachios, ricotta al forno, young provolone and aged, then opened a package of the lardo… rich, spiced, buttery lard from the local prized black swine. Yes, I tried some, and even though I am not much of a meat eater, I admit it was delicious, as advertised!

We will be returning, not only for the meat and cheese (or the wine Tony tried), but to continue this new friendship with Andrea and Luciano; two brothers who are passionate about providing the very best to their customers and all who visit. Thank you- ci rivedremo! #MacelleriaSfiziDiCarne

If you decide to take us up on our invitation that has been passed out over the years, know that when you arrive, we may put a glass of wine in one hand and a paint brush in the other! You’ll be well-fed and go home with lots of humorous stories of your own.

US bound!
Tony enjoying a glass of wine
Galati Mamertino

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina P says:

    Oh Val, I’m so excited for you and Tony and your new adventure. I feel like I’m there with you just by your descriptions. Take care, T.


    1. Thank you, Ms T! Our door will always be open for you!💛


  2. Gisele Novak says:

    Val and Tony! How very very exciting! Congratulations! I am absolutely thrilled for you both and cannot wait to follow your journey 😘 🇮🇹


    1. Thank you so much! Come for a visit next year!


  3. jdchang says:

    Wow! I’m so excited to follow you on this long-awaited, well-deserved journey!


    1. Thanks, J! Would love to share this beautiful place with you next year!
      Hope you are well.


      1. jdchang says:

        If that’s an invitation, I will certainly be taking you up on it when I can travel again!


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