Food from Friends All Over the Globe ~ Thailand

The following recipes were given to me by a dear lady, Rattana Wyadra.  We had the honor and pleasure of her friendship while stationed at RAF Lakenheath, UK ~ She comes from beautiful Thailand, land of jewel colored silks and people with smiles and personalities just as colorful ~ thanks for sharing Rattana!

Shrimp Roll: Goong- Paan

  1. Shrimp, Medium or Large (uncooked, no head, tail on) 1 pack, (24 pieces)
  2. Spring Roll Wrapper, 1pack (30 pieces)
  3. Pepper, 1 tsp
  4. Garlic Salt 2 tsp
  5. Vegetable oil 1 cup



  1. Clean shrimp and drain
  2. Add pepper and garlic salt
  3. Cut half of spring roll wrapper (if it’s to big)
  4. Place spring roll wrapper on flat place area, lie shrimp in one side of wrapper, fold 2-3 rolls toward your self, and cover the head corner, and roll toward until into sausage shape.
  5. Heat oil into skillet or pot for deep-fry, medium heat , place shrimp roll and fry until turn to golden brown, remove and drain from oil. Serve with dipping sauce.

Thai Main course Recipe:

1. Coconut Milk With Chicken: Tom Kah Gai: 

  1. Chicken meat cut into bite size pieces 500 grams
  2. Galangal cut into oval shape 15 pieces
  3. Lemon grass  stalk cut into  line long strip 5-8 pieces
  4. Onion 1 cut into pieces 4-8 pieces
  5. Garlic 3-5 clovers
  6. Lime juice 2-3 tbsp
  7. coconut milk 1 can (14 FlL.OZ (400ML)
  8. Mushroom cut half,  250-350 grams
  9. Cilantro cut 2-4 inches, 50-100 grams.
  10. Clear soup or clear water ½ cup
  11. Kaffir lime leaves  3-5 leaves
  12. Fish sauce  3 tbsp (can use salt instead of fish sauce)



  1. Put 1 can of coconut milk and soup into the pot. Add lemon grass, galangal, onion, garlic, and  over heat until boiling
  2. Add chicken, and keep until cook, add mushroom, heat until cook.
  3. Can add more soup if the soup is to small amount, heat everything cooked. Turn heat off.
  4. Seasoning by fish sauce or Salt, lime juice, (if you prefer little spicy, add crush fresh chili) and Cilantro. Serve with steam rice.


2. Spicy Chopped Pork Salad: Laab Moo: 


  1. Minced Pork 300 grams
  2. Shallot sliced 2 tbsp
  3. Mint leaves ¼ cup
  4. Lime juice 4 tbsp
  5. Fish sauce 3 tbsp
  6. Parched rice 2-3 tbsp
  7. Ground roasted chili 1-2 tbsp
  8. Cilantro sliced 1tbsp
  9. Water 1 tbsp


  1. Cook minced pork in the pot, medium heat, add 1tbsp of water, stir frequently until cook, rest until the meat cool down
  2. Mix minced pork with lime juice, ground chili, parched rice, fish sauce, and stir
  3. Add Shallot, Cilantro and at last add mint leaves. Serve with rice

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