September 11 ~ today and always

I know this is primarily a food blog ~ but lately, food for thought is on the menu…
I am sharing part of an email I received from my husband, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan.
Hope you enjoy his words ~ for they are heartfelt.  May they feed your soul. Pass it on ~ V
Just wanted to share a moment with you.  Today was Sept 11.  It was 11 years ago that the U.S. was attacked and nearly 3000 innocent people lost there lives.  We held a ceremony to remember the victims of that day and all those who have lost their lives since fighting for a cause they believed in.  The ceremony started at the exact time the the first aircraft crashed into the first tower.  It was a powerful and emotional moment for all of us as we stood in a room that monitors and controls special operation combat missions throughout Afghanistan.
It dawned on me, despite all our faults,  what a great nation we live in.  Eleven years later we are in Afghanistan, a county who on this day, attacked our very shores and changed the American way of life forever.  Yet we are here, not harboring hate, but morning our heroes and agonizing over how we can empower a people who for millennia have suffered at the hand of despots.  I saw many harden and steely eyed combat veterans shed tears as the images of our nation under attack flash before us.  These are the same men and women who give of themselves, not to the Afghanistan of 11 years ago, but to the one they have given hope to so that its people may have a brighter future if they so choose.  I am greatfull to be a small part of this group of amazing men and women and honored to be part of a nation who fights for a cause larger than itself.     
Love you.  T      

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