Hatch Green Chile

Growing up in New Mexico, I took this lovely green gem for granted ~ living elsewhere has taught me to value it. You know it is Hatch season, when all the local grocers and markets, even road-side vendors start bringing out the big barrel roasters.  There’s nothing like the smell of roasting Hatch chile on an open fire!



hatch chilis….get them before they’re gone….Hatch, New Mexico, grows the best chile peppers in the world. They’re the equivalent of Maine Lobster or Gulf Coast shrimp.

You first need to roast them. You can do this in various ways, on a grill, over an open flame on a gas stove, using a small propane torch, under the broiler, etc., to char and then remove the skin. I like to do it on the grill (anything to get out of the house).

On an outdoor grill, fire up enough charcoal to make a single layer under the chilies. When coals are covered with gray ash, place the chilies directly over the fire. Grill chilies, turning frequently, until their skins are blackened. Transfer chilies to paper bag to steam until cool enough to handle. Peel chilies using rubber gloves if your skin is sensitive (and DON”T rub your eyes), and cut chilies into 1/3-inch strips called rajas. You can then use then immediately or freeze them until you are ready to use them.


Courtesy of Kim Spooner!

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