September 11 ~ today and always

because we need to be lifted


I know this is primarily a food blog ~ but lately, food for thought is on the menu…
I am sharing part of an email I received from my husband, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan.
Hope you enjoy his words ~ for they are heartfelt.  May they feed your soul. Pass it on ~ V
Just wanted to share a moment with you.  Today was Sept 11.  It was 11 years ago that the U.S. was attacked and nearly 3000 innocent people lost there lives.  We held a ceremony to remember the victims of that day and all those who have lost their lives since fighting for a cause they believed in.  The ceremony started at the exact time the the first aircraft crashed into the first tower.  It was a powerful and emotional moment for all of us as we stood in a room that monitors and controls special…

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