Happy New Year –

I would like to take a moment to say Happy New Year, happy you!
For a lot of us, there is no reason to recreate yourself as a new person… As an older gentleman once responded when I inquired about his day, “I got out of bed this morning; it is a glorious day!”

May we reflect on what our blessings are, big or small – could be a fresh snow, an unexpected call from an old friend, a new recipe that your family raves about, or simply, the ability to get out of bed and live another day. Life is a precious gift – live YOUR life, even if you are still 10 pounds from your ideal weight, you’re alive! Even if you didn’t save as much money as you would’ve liked last year, you’re alive! Be. Live. Love. Share. Help.
Sure, I wish the latest wrinkles on my face would’ve taken up residence on a shar pei pup, and my blog
didn’t catch the eye of Food Network, the View or Ellen, and I didn’t win the lottery, and I am STILL looking for a job, but I woke up this morning. I am blessed with a family’s love, and dear friends who reside tenderly in my heart. I. Am. Alive.

Happy New Year… Make your days count- this time next year, DO NOT REGRET the person you were in 2014; be kind, laugh often, love mightily and help others…


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