Oh, sweet Italia ~

Enjoy the simple life – be sweet, eat well, love – v


A friend recently wrote of her biking excursions through Aviano ~ instead of feeling jealous, I was so happy that she has embraced the lifestyle of this amazing country.  I closed my eyes and imagined a jaunt down Viale S Giorgio, to the Tuesday market for cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, fragrant flowers (roses, 3 euro per 20!)… watching in amazement, as the 83 year old woman from the same village, rode past me with her baskets filled with market treasures!  Hmmm ~ the smells, smiles and occasional whistle. Would I serve the Pecorino tonight, sliced in thin ribbons with the grilled peaches, topped off with a drizzle of Pietro’s honey? Or a tallegio filled zucchini ribbon with the sweet salty hint of prosciutto hidden inside?


Frico Con Polenta e Funghi

(Fried cheese with polenta & mushrooms)


  • 500 g potato, cubed
  • 150 g Montasio cheese
  • 2 shallot, thinly sliced

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