Going to the Farm

I have had the good fortune of getting to spend the last 10 days with our daughter at Foghino Farm. We’ve been preparing for winter, cleaning out the old, and breathing new life into this century-old farm. There’s something to be said about days of hard work, meals with fresh, farm-raised foods, quiet nights by the wood stove watching a Vietnamese Mom kick some child – stealing thug bootie on Netflix (Furie is the name of the movie if you’re interested!).

Foghino Farm was established in 1909 and currently is home to Icelandic sheep, Icelandic chickens, goats, 25 acres of hay field and a large market garden in the southern Colorado town of Trinidad.
If you ever find yourself passing through or in the vicinity during market (June-October) stop by and support this amazing farm,  where everything is done to honor the history of the farm, animals and food tended to by hand,  from the heart…now if we can get someone to deliver the firewood!

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