Death of the Cabbage Rose…

I was SO cocky. I was just so sure of myself. “Wait for help!”, they said. “I’ve got this!”, I said. “You’re going to wear yourself out!”, they cried. “It’ll be easy!”, I vehemently assured them. And then, those darned cabbage rose wallpaper demon spirits set out to put me in my place, arms dangling from nearly 7 hours of soaking and scraping. And scraping. And scraping. Have I mentioned, yet, how much I passionately dislike, no… HATE is the appropriate word, wallpaper?

sweeping up the evidence

Wallpaper, in a base house, you’re wondering? Surprise! Tony and I bought a house… in OHIO!!! OK, you can get up from the floor. Those of you who thought for sure you’d find us basking in the foggy days in Washington State, sorry, you’ll just have to visit us in OHIO. For those in the mid-west, central US and eastern US… you’ll just have to visit us in OHIO!

body bag

More on the moving date, pending Air Force Retirement date, and old-house remodel next time. I promise I will have pots & pans, bakeware & bowls to actually blog about food one day.

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  1. Rina says:

    SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOU BACK.. ok well I know you never lived here, but we consider it Tony’s home (even if he doesn’t) and so we are so happy to have you back!


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