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These are my kiddos ~ they are children of the world… they were born in three different places, sprouting and growing shallow roots through their vast experiences everywhere else.  I am so very proud of them, of all they have accomplished in spite of moving every two to four years, saying goodbye so often, knowing their friends and our Air Force family better than their own blood relations. They have seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Sistine Chapel, the St Louis Arch and Yosemite’s Half Dome; lived in 3 different countries, learned several different languages, and know what “sea to shining sea” feels like by living there (and places in between).  Mikaela, Andre & Toren ~ you amaze me everyday! With all my love ~ Mahja

My dear friend Lori Reel wrote something very moving, that applies to all the Military children I know.  I would like to share her words with you:

This month is…The Month of The Military Child. Most of us call them brats…usually people think of Army Brat first…let me say…mine are NOT brats Army or otherwise. Mine move when we have to…miss their dad when he is away (which is often). They don’t complain when dad can’t make a game or play or program at school…they know this is just what we do. They play games online with friends thousands of miles away. Miss best friends and places they have been. They are not “from” anywhere but were “born here and lived there” They understand weight restrictions and acronyms like PCS! TDY! They stand up in the theatre when the anthem plays and stop when the same music comes on when they are outside. They hear a phone ring late at night and ask if someone got a DUI…they carry an ID so they can get a snack at the store. They have family they don’t even know. They have also been all over the world…seen things some people never get to. Eaten things some people can’t even pronounce. They start a high school in one place…and finish in another! They are smart! They are strong. I am so proud of mine!! This military thing is not easy…but they do it WITH us…they deserve MORE then a month! Thank you Apollo ReelAres Reel, and Athena Reel…you serve too!!

The Month of April offers us a special opportunity to acknowledge and honor the service of our littlest heroes, our military children.  Established by Caspar Weinberger, the Month of the Military Child recognizes the important role military children play in our communities.

  • There are approximately 1.9 million military children, ranging in ages from newborn to 18 years old, 1.3 million military children are school-aged.
  • 765,000 of our military children have Active duty parents, and approximately 225,000 have a parent who is currently deployed.
  • More than 700,000 children have experienced the deployment of one or more parents since 2001.

Our military children are resilient and proud of their service, and they deserve our support.   The Department of Defense, each of our Armed Services, Cabinet Agencies, the White House Joining Forces Initiative, as well as non-profits, businesses and communities throughout the country recognize this and have stepped up to provide a variety of special programs, initiatives and activities  for our military kids.  (

So, if you see a military child, whether they are 2 or 22 years old ~ look into their worldly faces, at all their eyes have seen or will see ~ tell them how proud you are… tell them thank you for their sacrifice. v




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