A Mouthful of Summer

“Everything in moderation…including moderation.”

~ Julia Child

fruit pizza IMG_0706 IMG_0707

The most requested recipe?  Fruit Pizza!!  Aside from my pizza dough, this tasty gem of a dessert has even the biggest skeptic (what? fruit pizza?) asking for more and eventually asking for the recipe. 

For my “gluten-free” friends, using a combination of gluten-free and coconut flours and coconut oil instead of the butter/shortening combo ~ aside from a texture difference (yours was a little crispier), it was just as yummy!  And with the essence of coconut perfuming this dessert, I took the liberty to add a little ginger to the crust and cream.

Go ahead, have dessert ~ enjoy, with love ~ v

I hope you’ll try this wonderful dessert ~ it serves a lot of people; unless you have a Toren, then it only serves 4 max! :o)ImageImageImageImageImage

Fruit Pizza

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